Rebellion Trail Narrative: 1693 - 1882     
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Images for Prologue  
Zachary Taylor & John Horse, 1844-58 Detail, Massacre by Indians & blacks, 1836 John Horse, 1848 Presidents & Black Seminoles, 1790-1860 American Progress, 1872 (1873)
Slave pen, 1861-65 Turner, Cinquez, & Brown, 1831-56 Battle of Okeechobee, 19th century
Images for Background
A Rebel Negro Arm'd, 1794 Maroon of Surinam, 1839 Drake's attack on St. Augustine, 1589 Title page, Drake's voyage, 1587, Sidetrack The Flyer by John White, ca 1587, Sidetrack
Maroons negotiating with British, nd European powers in North America, 1730 King Charles II of Spain, 1669 King Charles II, Sidetrack Coromantyn Free Negro ... Arm'd, 1794
Coast, Cape Fear to St. Augustine, 1778 Spanish colonial black militia, nd Map, St. Augustine with Fort Mose, 1783 British attack St. Augustine, 1740 Fort Mose, artist's rendering
Detal, Fuerte Negro/Fort Mose, 1783 View of Savannah, 1734 General James Oglethorpe, nd Spanish galleon, nd The Licker, called Creek Billy, 1838
Detail, Alachua Savannah, 1834 map Mico Chlucco, the Long Warrior, 1791 Natives of Florida, ca 1554, Sidetrack William Bartram, 1808 Alachua-Savana by Bartram, ca 1773
Batram's Travels, 1791 Detail, Alachua-Savanah by Bartram, Sidetrack Detail, Alachua-Savanah by Bartram, Sidetrack Detail, Alachua-Savanah, 2nd Sidetrack Plan of a Creek village, ca 1773
Washington crossing the Delaware, 1851 Detail, Death of Major Pierson, 1782-84 Lord Dunmore, nd A scene on the frontiers, 1812 Maroon Captain Leonard Parkinson, 1796
Prince Witten's petition for Freedom, 1795 Secret articles, Treaty of New York, 1790  Detail, Secret articles, 1st Sidetrack  Detail, Secret articles, 2nd Sidetrack  George Washington family and slave, 1798
Images for Early Years (1812-1832) - World at Birth  
Battle of New Orleans, 1910 Payne's Prairie, 1999 John Horse's parents, digital rendering John Horse from Giddings, 1858 John Horse, Sprague & Giddings, Sidetrack
Seminole chickee & town, 1837-87 Seminole town, 1837, Sidetrack Detail, Anti-Slavery Almanac of 1840 John Ross, Cherokee chief, 1825 (1858) Micanopy, Seminole chief, 1825 (1858)
Type specimens, 1837-50 Payne's Prairie, 1999 Period arms, 2001 Seminole town, 2nd Sidetrack
Seminole koonti strainer, 1887 Florida towns with black residents, 1738-1840s Green Corn Dance, 1835-37 The Old Plantation, 1790-1800 Gullah/Geechee coast, 1810
Images for Early Years (1812-1832) - Encroaching America  
Ad for slave auction, 1840 Stowage of slave ship Brookes, 1788 A view of the Capitol of Washington, ca 1800 James Madison & James Monroe, 1816-30 Detail, Amelia Island, 1778
Plan of Fort Picolata on St. Johns River, nd El Castillo de San Marcos, early 19th century Jackson at New Orleans, ca 1856 Jackson, after Vanderlyn, nd Jackson and Tennessee volunteers, 1834-45
The Hermitage, Nashville, nd The Lash, 1863, Sidetrack Africans on slave bark, 1862, Sidetrack Mouth of Appalachicola River, 1821 Plan of Fort Gadsden & Negro Fort, 1818
View from Prospect Bluff, 2001 Earthwork ruins, Negro Fort, 1950  Plan of Fort Gadsden & Negro Fort, Sidetrack William McIntosh, Creek leader, 1825 (1858) Gen. Edmund Gaines, 1840s
Duncan Clinch as young officer, nd Negro Fort explosion, ©2000 Clinch, 1st Sidetrack Negro Fort explosion, 2nd Sidetrack Joshua Reed Giddings, 1844-60, 3rd Sidetrack
Suwannee River, 1925 Rescue of Duncan McKrimmon, nd Gen. Jackson reviews troops, 1860 Detail, Black Seminole, nd, Sidetrack Indian & Negro towns on Suwannee, 1818
Gen. Jackson's conduct in Seminole war, 1828 Jackson triumphant at Pensacola, 1859 Detail, Little Magician Invoked, 1844 Detail, Black Seminole & Seminole Indian, nd
Images for Early Years (1812-1832) - A New Country  
Postcard, changing of flags, early 1900s Detail, Map showing Spanish Fields, 1837 James Gadsden, nd Weatherford in Jackson's tent, nd Detail, Andros Island, Bahamas, 1789
Gen. Jackson by Longacre, ca 1820 Creek village on Appalachicola, 1838 In the Swamp, 1863 Treaty of Moultrie Creek, 1823 Seminole reservation lands, 1831
Free black being kidnapped, 1834 Tukose Mathla or John Hicks, 1826 (1858) Seminole delegation to Washington, 1853 Abraham, 1848 Fort Brooke, Tampa Bay, 1838
Gopher tortoise. ©2001 Sword of Col. Brooke, nd Davy Crockett, 1839, Sidetrack Beautiful Savannah in Florida, 1834-35
Images for War (1832 - 1838) - Prelude to War  
Andrew Jackson's first inauguration, nd Trail of Tears, 1942 Landing near Payne's Landing, ca 1900 Red River and False Washita, 1834-35  Yoholo Mico, 1858 (1826)
Abraham, 1848 Landing near Payne's Landing, Sidetrack Red River and False Washita, Sidetrack  Thlocko Tustenuggee or Tiger Tail, 1848 William Pope Duval, nd
Blow for Blow, 1863 Sketch of Fort King ca 1837 Osceola knifing treaty, 1841 Osceola knifing treaty, Sidetrack Osceola, 1838
Tenskwatawa, 1858 (1823) Attack on a Creek village, nd Osceola sketch, 1837 Nation robbing an Indian chief, 1839 Nation robbing an Indian chief, Sidetrack
Nation robbing an Indian chief, 2nd Sidetrack Osceola, 3rd sidetrack Postcard of Osceola in prison, ca 1900 Public square, St. Augustine, 1835 Slave quarters, St. George Island, ca 1852
White sand bluffs, 1834-35 Scene in Florida woods, nd
Images for War (1832 - 1838) - Revenge  
Map of Florida, ca 1800 King Phillip, 1838 Ruins of the Bulow plantation, nd General Joseph Hernandez, nd General Duncan Clinch, nd
Osceola's attack, 19th century Detail of soldiers at Fort Brooke, 1837 Pine thicket on Fort King Road, ca 1950 Forlorn Hope of Fort King Road, nd Replica of breastwork, ca 1950
Massacre of Whites by Indians and blacks, 1836 A Seminole dance, 1838 Dragoons on the Withlacoochee, 1837 Detail, Attack on the Block-House, 1837 Osceola & Duncan Clinch, 1838 & nd
John Horse & Abraham, 1848-53 Yaholoochee or Cloud, 1838 Black Seminole warrior, digital rendering William Tecumseh Sherman, nd Cypress swamp, ca 1910
Map of the Seat of War in Florida, 1838 A Florida "Cracker," 1889 Longjack, a Seminole warrior, 1858 Revenge in Haiti, 1805 Dunlawton plantation ruins, n.d.
Wrecked sugar mill at Dunlawton, 1959 Ruins of New Smyrna plantation, 1976 Horrible Massacre, Broadside, 1830s Soldiers in Camp, Picolata, 1837 Sec. of War Lewis Cass, ca 1833
Pres. Andrew Jackson, ca 1837 Gen. Winfield Scott, ca 1849 Conquering the Indians, 1874 Attack of the Indians on the Block-House, 1837 11 commanding generals of the Seminole war
President Andrew Jackson, 1850-1900 Massacre of Major Dade and his command, 1847 Gen. Ethan Allen Hitchcock, 1851-60 Massacre of Major Dade, Sidetrack Detail, Grand caravan heading east, 1833
Capitol at Washington, D.C., 1839 Fall of the Alamo, nd Gag Rule motion, 1837 John Quincy Adams, 1834-40 Statuary Hall, U.S. Capitol, 1999
A Seminole woman, 1838 Osceola, ca 1842 Detail, John Horse, 1848  Ocklahawa River, ca 1880
Images for War (1832 - 1838) - Deceit  
Jesup & Jackson Detail, Massacre of the Whites, Sidetrack Gen. Thomas Sydney Jesup, nd Reconnaissance map, 1838-41 Troops fording Lake Ocklahawa, 1837
Everglades marsh, 1942 Seminole village, ca 1900 Death of Waxe-Hadjo, 1848-58 Six Seminole chiefs, 1838-52 Seminole woman and child, ca 1905
Ben Bruno, Negro interpreter, 1858 Burning of Pilak-li-ka-ha, 1837 Abraham, 1848 Detail, Officer's tent, 1837 Gen. Jesup, Sidetrack
Fort Harlee, 1837 Gen. Thomas Sydney Jesup, nd Articles of Capitulation, digital rendering Face of Joshua Reed Giddings, 1844-60 Lt. Sprague's record of Capitulation, 1848
Slave market, St. Augustine, 1902-6 Tampa Bay on the Gulf of Mexico, 1837 Seminoles on exhibition, 1936 Detail, Horse, Picolata, 1837 Slaves on South Carolina plantation, 1862
Coa Hadjo, 1838 Osceola, romantic depiction, 19th century Fort Brooke, Tampa Bay, ca 1900 Seminole camp, 1895 Detail, Hunting Indians with bloodhounds, 1848
Hunting Indians with bloodhounds, Sidetrack Gen. Jesup, Sidetrack Northern Indians, 1836-38 Waa-Pa-Shaw, 1836 Abraham, 1848
King Phillip, 1838 Coacoochee or Wild Cat, 1848-58 Osceola, Coacoochee, John Horse, 1838-48 White cloth, digital rendering Gen. Joseph Hernandez, nd
Arrest of Osceola, nd Monument, Osceola's capture, nd Hon. Henry Wise, 1855 Osceola, Sidetrack Gen. Jesup, Sidetrack
Images for War (1832 - 1838) - Liberty or Death  
Gates of old St. Augustine, 1861-65 Bastions of Fort Marion, 1861-65 Sally port of Fort Marion, 1861-65 Court, Fort Marion, 1912
Yaholoochee or Cloud, 1838 Coacoochee, 1848, Sidetrack Engraving types, 1831 Contrabands sketch, 1864 Postcard, Cell at Fort Marion, ca 1900
Fort Marion, day for night, digital rendering Sam Jones' village, 1841 John Ross, 1843 (1858) Zachary Taylor, 1844-49 Seminole village, Everglades, nd
Battle of Okee-Chobee Lake, Florida, 1847 Indian prairie, 1922 Battle of Lake Okeechobee, 19th century Death mask of Osceola, nd Osceola by Catlin, 1838
Osceola's grave site, ca 1900 Osceola by Curtis, 1838, 1st Sidetrack Osceola by Curtis, 1838, 2nd Sidetrack Detail, Vivouack in safety, 1840 Jupiter Inlet, ca 1890
Senior officers of the Second Seminole war Detail, Officer's tent, 1837, Sidetrack Seminole woman and child, ca 1910 Detail, Secretary of War presenting colours, 1840 Black Seminole warrior, digital treatment
Emancipation Proclamation, 1863 John Quincy Adams, 1834-40 General Jesup, nd Aerial view, Big Cypress Swamp, 1923 Abraham, 1848
Coacoochee, 1848-58 John Horse, 1848 John Horse's major actions during war, ©2001 Col. William Gates, 1844-60 Holata Mico or Billy Bowlegs, 1852
Andrew Jackson, 1844-45 Sorrows of the Seminoles, 19th century
Images for Exile (1838 - 1850) - Shifting Alliances  
Encampment of 1st infantry, 1841 Zachary Taylor, 1844-49 Thlocko Tustenuggee or Tiger Tail, 1848 Coacoochee or Wildcat, 1848 Seminole chief captured, 1841
Everglades marsh, 1942 Coacoochee, 1848 Hunting Indians with bloodhounds, 1848 Hounds at attention, 1840 Hounds in a harem, 1840
Army of hounds, 1840 Hounding Taylor, 1848 Hunting Indians, 1848 General Ethan Allen Hitchcock, 1851-60 Hon. Joshua Reed Giddings, nd
Congress in a row, 1858 Giddings' head on an ass, 1852 Pres. William Henry Harrison, nd John Horse, aka Gopher John, 1848 Gen. George McCall, 1862
McCall, 2nd sidetrack John Horse, 3rd sidetrack Detail from The Old Plantation, circa 1800 Bay at St. Petersburg, 1906 Holata Mico or Billy Bowlegs, 1852
Steamboat into Indian Territory, nd Canadian River as it looked in 1840s Camp Supply, Indian Territory, 1869 Treaty rendering, ©2001 John Ross, Cherokee chief, nd
Roly McIntosh, Creek chief, nd The Lash, 1863 John Jumper, Seminole chief, nd Dembo Factor among scouts, 1889 Micanopy and Ben, 1838 and 1858
Homesteading, ©2005
Images for Exile (1838 - 1850) - American Justice  
Washington D.C., 1833 St. Johns Episcopal Church, D.C., 1816 William Wilkins, Secretary of War, n.d. General Thomas Sydney Jesup, nd Joshua Giddings' Speeches, 1853
Seminole-Creek lands, 1845-56 Detail of Seminole-Creek lands, 1845-56 Plains Indian camp, 1853 Rider in the Territory, ©2001 Rider in the Territory, ©2001
Fort Gibson Headquarters, nd Slave Market of America, ca 1836 James Hoban and William Marcy Views of Washington City, 1849 White House, ca 1846
General Thomas Sydney Jesup, nd Andrew Jackson, ca 1845 Trail of Tears, 1942 Death of Jackson, 1845 Jackson monument, New Orleans, ca 1900
Fort Gibson barracks, nd Fort Gibson commissary, nd Civil War contrabands, 1862 Dragoons in Indian Territory, 1834-35 Gordon as he entered our lines, 1863
Outrage ... An Abolitionist, 1837 Indian Agency, 1875 Indian Agent, ©2001 Slave plantation, 1834 Scene in Uncle Sam's Senate, 1850
President James Polk, 1849 Gang of slaves to market, 1834 Fort Smith ca 1853 U.S. Capitol ca 1846 Attorney General John Mason, 1844-60
Attorney General Mason, full shot, 1844-60 General Thomas Sydney Jesup, nd
Images for Exile (1838 - 1850) - A New Frontier  
Mother and child, digital rendering Zachary Taylor, 1844-49 Fort Gibson, headquarters, nd General William Belknap, 1860-65 Micanopy, 1858 (1825)
Receipt for sale of a slave, 1850 Port of Little Rock, 1850 Wewoka, Map of Indian Territories, 1894 Period firearms, nd Comanche village, 1872
Mexico, 1856 Pres. Vicente Guerrero, 1850 Ride for Liberty, 1862 Red River and False Washita, 1834-35 Comanche meeting dragoons, 1834-35
Comanche war party, 1834-35 Sketch of Las Moras Springs, 1861 View from Fort Duncan, 1857 View from Fort Duncan, sidetrack Sunset on Rio Grande, 1921
Three rivers in history of 
the Black Seminoles
Study of Joshua Reed Giddings, nd Coahuilan desert and mountains, 1999
Images for Freedom (1850 - 1882) - Cost of Freedom  
Loading wagons for Piedras Negras Map of Black Seminole settlements in Mexico Commissary of Fort Gibson Marcellus Duval, contemporary rendering Holata Mico, or Billy Bowlegs
Coacoochee Roly McIntosh Coacoochee Comanche War Party Comanche Warrior Lancing an Osage
Comanche Warrior Lancing an Osage Peter H. Bell, governor of Texas Hunting Indians, 1848 Sword of Colonel George M. Brooke Headwaters of Rio San Rodrigo
Eagle Pass or, Life on the Border John Horse John Horse (2 of 2 slides) The Apotheosis John S. "Rip" Ford
Texas Ranger Old Capitol building, Austin, Texas, 1860 Black Seminole settlements, 1852-53 Emigrants Attacked by the Comanches Medal struck by Mexican government, 1853
Mexican hacienda Micanopy and Ben Bruno Coacoochee Map of Coahuila from Nacimiento to Parras  
Images for Freedom (1850 - 1882) - Liberty Foretold  
Hon. Joshua R. Giddings of Ohio, ca 1855 Advertisement for The Exiles of Florida, 1858 Title page from The Exiles of Florida, 1858 Frederick Douglass, 1st sidetrack Death of Waxehadjo, 2nd sidetrack
Advertisement for Exiles, 3rd sidetrack Death of Waxehadjo, 4th sidetrack Exiles, complete digital text, 5th sidetrack Abraham Lincoln, last photographic portrait John Quincy Adams
Massacre of the Whites, 1836 Congressional Scales, 1850 General Thomas Sydney Jesup General Edmund Pendleton Gaines Joseph Cinquez, brave Congolese Chief
Abraham Lincoln, 1846 or 1847 Excerpt from Harper's Weekly, 1861 For placement only Contrabands, 1864 Young contrabands with Union soldiers, 1864
Emancipation of the slaves Major works on American slavery Confessions of Nat Turner, 1832 Close-up of contrabands, 1864  
Images for Freedom (1850 - 1882) - Liberty Found  
Siege of Puebla, ca 1863 Parras, ca 1861 John Horse Benito Juárez, 1873 At the ford—Apache
Seminole Negro Indian Scouts, ca 1885 Other online resources on the scouts Sergeant Ben July, Scout Comanche War Party J.L. Bullis & Ranald Mackenzie
Comanche camp Grave marker of Isaac Payne Troop A, Ninth U.S. Cavalry Lone Wolf and his wife Etla Buffalo Soldier corporal
Bracketville, Seminole-Negro Settlement Children in photo of Sergeant Ben July General C. C. Augur Seminole-Negro Baptist church Sargent hotel in Brackettville
Pompey Factor, ca 1910 Seminole Negro Indian Scouts, circa 1890 Rio Sabinas in Coahuila Valley towards Saltillo Porfirio Diaz, n.d.
View from Cerro Estrella above Mexico City