Rebellion Image Outline: 1693 - 1812     
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Image Outline for the Trail Narrative: 1693 - 1882

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Image sources

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Zachary Taylor & John Horse, 1844-58 Detail, Massacre by Indians & blacks, 1836 John Horse, 1848 Presidents & Black Seminoles, 1790-1860 American Progress, 1872 (1873)
Slave pen, 1861-65 Turner, Cinquez, & Brown, 1831-56 Battle of Okeechobee, 19th century
Images for Background
A Rebel Negro Arm'd, 1794 Maroon of Surinam, 1839 Drake's attack on St. Augustine, 1589 Title page, Drake's voyage, 1587, Sidetrack The Flyer by John White, ca 1587, Sidetrack
Maroons negotiating with British, nd European powers in North America, 1730 King Charles II of Spain, 1669 King Charles II, Sidetrack Coromantyn Free Negro ... Arm'd, 1794
Coast, Cape Fear to St. Augustine, 1778 Spanish colonial black militia, nd Map, St. Augustine with Fort Mose, 1783 British attack St. Augustine, 1740 Fort Mose, artist's rendering
Detal, Fuerte Negro/Fort Mose, 1783 View of Savannah, 1734 General James Oglethorpe, nd Spanish galleon, nd The Licker, called Creek Billy, 1838
Detail, Alachua Savannah, 1834 map Mico Chlucco, the Long Warrior, 1791 Natives of Florida, ca 1554, Sidetrack William Bartram, 1808 Alachua-Savana by Bartram, ca 1773
Batram's Travels, 1791 Detail, Alachua-Savanah by Bartram, Sidetrack Detail, Alachua-Savanah by Bartram, Sidetrack Detail, Alachua-Savanah, 2nd Sidetrack Plan of a Creek village, ca 1773
Washington crossing the Delaware, 1851 Detail, Death of Major Pierson, 1782-84 Lord Dunmore, nd A scene on the frontiers, 1812 Maroon Captain Leonard Parkinson, 1796
Prince Witten's petition for Freedom, 1795 Secret articles, Treaty of New York, 1790  Detail, Secret articles, 1st Sidetrack  Detail, Secret articles, 2nd Sidetrack  George Washington family and slave, 1798
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