Rebellion Key images: 1812 - 1873     
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Check out these 23 fascinating key images, an art history exploration of the Black Seminoles with detailed commentary on each picture's context and significance. 

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A Scene on the frontiers ...
Attributed to William Charles
Nation Robbing An Indian Chief ...
Massacre of the Whites ...
D.F. Blanchard
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Gray & James series
6 engravings from the war
Attributed to Gray & James 
The many faces of Osceola
9 images

Various creators
Hunting Indians in Florida ...
James Baillie
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John Horse, 2 engravings
Both by N. Orr
American Progress
George Croffut, after John Gast
General note: While these images relate to the Black Seminoles, the absence of black figures is among their most notable features. The victors don't just write history, they also commission art. Yet the images tell a story, both in their features and their omissions.
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