Rebellion 1840     
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Detail from cartoon depicting Secretary of War Poinsett with Bloodhounds
Detail from the cartoon, "The Secretary of War presenting a stand of Colours to the 1st Regiment of Republican Bloodhounds."  Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-91404.
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Cartoon History of the Bloodhounds

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The Secretary of War presenting a stand of Colours to the 1st Regiment of Republican Bloodhounds

In this 1840 satire on the Van Buren administration, Secretary of War Joel Poinsett presents a stand of colors to his loyal soldiers, the bloodhounds. Says Poinsett:

"I congratulate you on your promotion, from the base & inglorious pursuit of animals, in an uncivilized region like Cuba, to the noble task of hunting 'men' in our Christian country! our administration has been reproached for the expense of the Florida war, so we have determined now to prosecute it, in a way that's 'dog cheap!'"

Editor Francis Preston Blair, a frequent apologist for the Jacksonians, kneels before the dogs assuring them that they will "prove like myself good collar men in the cause."

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Sources: Lithograph signed "Bow Wow-Wow," attributed to Napoleon Sarony / Henry R. Robinson, printed and published by Robinson in 1840. See the Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Online Catalog to find a complete transcription of the dialogue accompanying this lithograph.
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Cartoon history of the Bloodhounds:

Detail of a Bloodhound

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