Rebellion January - March 1840     
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Detail from "Hunting Indians in Florida with Blood Hounds," a lithograph published in 1848 by James Baillie, dramatizing Taylor's failed tactic.  Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, LC-USZ62-89725.

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Before Coacoochee surrendered, General Taylor committed one of the most notorious acts of the war when he tried to use bloodhounds on the Seminoles. He attempted the tactic in the first months of 1840. The results were not good: the dogs helped bring in all of two Indians while managing to raise the moral indignation of the country. Cartoonists were the only beneficiaries. They lampooned Taylor with images of bloodhounds for the remainder of his public career.

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Sources: Covington "Cuban Bloodhounds," Giddings Exiles 264-65.
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Cartoon history of the Bloodhounds:

Detail of a Bloodhound

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