Rebellion 1835 - 1838     
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The Battle of Okeechobee
19th-century illustration of the Battle of Lake Okeechobee. Architecture and Historic Conservancy.
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Even in the 1830s, when the Black Seminoles were just starting their epic quest for freedom, their struggle was not widely known. Informed Americans followed the war in Florida, but few understood that rebellious slaves and free blacks were involved, not just Seminole Indians. And so, on that fateful Christmas day in 1837, as John Horse and his followers prepared to face Zachary Taylor, they were truly on their own. They were fighting for the greatest of all American ideals, freedom. Would they find liberty or death?

The answer is fascinating and complex, and it emerges over the next 450 slides of the trail narrative. John Horse's story begins with the Early Years segment, or you can start at Background to learn about the origins of his community.

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Sources: Mahon 15.
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