Rebellion 1849     
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Vicente Guerrero, the Black and Indian President of Mexico
Vicente Guerrero (1782-1831), the Mexican revolutionist and president of mixed black and Indian ancestry who abolished slavery in 1829. He is considered one of the country's founding fathers. Oil painting by Anacleta Escutia, 1850. Online source, RedEscolar.
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New Frontier

If Coacoochee saw a chance to revive Seminole traditions in Mexico, the Black Seminoles saw much more. Mexico had outlawed slavery in 1829 under President Vicente Guerrero, the revolutionary leader of mixed African, Indian, and Spanish ancestry. From that time on, hundreds of fugitive slaves had escaped into Mexico in an improvised version of the underground railroad. Slavery had threatened the Black Seminoles from Florida to Oklahoma. In Mexico, they might finally find legal freedom.

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Sources: Tyler 1-2, Aptheker 32, 342-43, Mulroy 56, Lancaster 86.
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 Trail Narrative
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 + Background: 1693-1812
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New Frontier
Cross to Freedom
New Horizon
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