Rebellion 1740s - 1750s     
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The Alachua Savannah, on map of Florida from 1834
Detail of the Alachua Savannah from the 1834 map of Florida created by the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, published in London by Chapman and Hall. David Rumsey Map Collection,
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The nucleus of the Seminole nation formed in the 1740s and 1750s on the Alachua Savannah in Central Florida. Oconee Creeks first visited the region while participating in military raids with the British. The Oconee chief Cowkeeper found the fertile and remote wilderness to his liking and decided to settle. Cowkeeper and his followers started the town of "Lotchaway," or Alachua, and later Cuscowilla. These are just two of the many Seminole names that survive in Florida today.

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Sources: Swanton 180-81, Sturtevant 102-3, McReynolds 5.
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The Seminoles
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