Rebellion Trail narrative: 1693-1882     
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Map of Black Seminole odyssey

An epic story finds its rightful place in American history. (8 panels)

Background: 1693-1812
Hemispheric forces drive black fugitives to Spanish Florida. (40 panels)


In 450 story panels, the trail narrative documents the Black Seminoles' quest for freedom, from their origins as a community to the death of their great leader John Horse in 1882. Use the arrows to navigate straight ahead or pick a segment below. Each section also has an image outline for visual scanning.


1. Early Years: 1812-1832
Violence marks John Horse's youth as America looks south in anger. (72 panels)

2. War: 1832-1838
John Horse rises to lead the largest black uprising in U.S. history. (166 panels)

3. Exile: 1838-1850
The Black Seminoles seek freedom on a new frontier. (96 panels)

4. Freedom: 1850-1882
John Horse writes the final chapter in his quest for freedom. (80 panels)

5. Legacy & Conclusion
Were the Black Seminoles American heroes?  (2 pages)
 Trail Narrative
 + Prologue
 + Background: 1693-1812
 + Early Years: 1812 -1832
 + War: 1832 -1838
 + Exile: 1838-1850
 + Freedom: 1850-1882
 + Legacy & Conclusion

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