Rebellion Exile: 1838 - 1850     
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Image Outline for Exile: 1838 - 1850

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Encampment of 1st infantry, 1841 Zachary Taylor, 1844-49 Thlocko Tustenuggee or Tiger Tail, 1848 Coacoochee or Wildcat, 1848 Seminole chief captured, 1841
Everglades marsh, 1942 Coacoochee, 1848 Hunting Indians with bloodhounds, 1848 Hounds at attention, 1840 Hounds in a harem, 1840
Army of hounds, 1840 Hounding Taylor, 1848 Hunting Indians, 1848 General Ethan Allen Hitchcock, 1851-60 Hon. Joshua Reed Giddings, nd
Congress in a row, 1858 Giddings' head on an ass, 1852 Pres. William Henry Harrison, nd John Horse, aka Gopher John, 1848 Gen. George McCall, 1862
McCall, 2nd sidetrack John Horse, 3rd sidetrack Detail from The Old Plantations, circa 1800 Bay at St. Petersburg, 1906 Holata Mico or Billy Bowlegs, 1852
Steamboat into Indian Territory, nd Canadian River as it looked in 1840s Camp Supply, Indian Territory, 1869 Treaty rendering, 2001 John Ross, Cherokee chief, nd
Roly McIntosh, Creek chief, nd The Lash, 1863 John Jumper, Seminole chief, nd Dembo Factor among scouts, 1889 Micanopy and Ben, 1838 and 1858
Homesteading, 2001
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