Rebellion War: 1832 - 1838     
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Image Outline for War: 1832 - 1838

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Andrew Jackson's first inauguration, nd Trail of Tears, 1942 Landing near Payne's Landing, ca 1900 Red River and False Washita, 1834-35  Yoholo Mico, 1858 (1826)
Abraham, 1848 Landing near Payne's Landing, Sidetrack Red River and False Washita, Sidetrack  Thlocko Tustenuggee or Tiger Tail, 1848 William Pope Duval, nd
Blow for Blow, 1863 Sketch of Fort King ca 1837 Osceola knifing treaty, 1841 Osceola knifing treaty, Sidetrack Osceola, 1838
Tenskwatawa, 1858 (1823) Attack on a Creek village, nd Osceola sketch, 1837 Nation robbing an Indian chief, 1839 Nation robbing an Indian chief, Sidetrack
Nation robbing an Indian chief, 2nd Sidetrack Osceola, 3rd sidetrack Postcard of Osceola in prison, ca 1900 Public square, St. Augustine, 1835 Slave quarters, St. George Island, ca 1852
White sand bluffs, 1834-35 Scene in Florida woods, nd
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