Rebellion John Horse's life: 1812 - 1882     
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Date Event Trail Link
1812 John Horse born
1813 Seminoles settle on Suwannee River
1818 Seminoles evacuate Suwannee
1818 Jackson drives blacks from Suwannee, burns towns
1826 John Horse engages in turtle ruse
1835 Dade's Massacre
1836 John Horse fights valiantly at Wahoo Swamp
1837 John Horse signs articles halting the war
1837 Osceola, Sam Jones, John Horse lead flight from Tampa
1837 Jesup captures Osceola & John Horse under white flag
1837 Seminole leaders escape from Fort Marion
1837 Battle of Okeechobee
1838 John Horse surrenders under promise of freedom
1838 Black Seminoles emigrate West with Indians
1839 John Horse returns to Florida as Army scout
1840 Susan and John Horse marry
1841 Coacoochee surrenders
1844 Coacoochee leads delegation to Washington
1844 1st assassination attempt on John Horse
1845 Jesup brings Seminole case before President
1848-49 Government ruling threatens John Horse's family with slavery
1849 200 Seminole allies head for Mexico where slavery is outlawed
1850 Seminole allies cross to freedom in Mexico
1851-54 Seminole allies protect Mexico from Apaches & Comanches spacer
1851-59 Texas slavers try to capture Black Seminoles in Mexico
1859 Black Seminoles move to Laguna de Parras spacer
1864 John Horse serves as colonel in Mexican Army
1871 John Horse advises Scouts at Fort Duncan spacer
1872-1914 Scouts' families settle on Las Moras Creek in Brackettville
1876 Assassins try to kill John Horse in Brackettville spacer
1877 John Horse returns to Nacimiento
1881 Nacimiento grant is threatened spacer
1882 John Horse travels to Mexico City to protect grant
1882 John Horse plans visit to Dictator Diaz
1882 John Horse dies in Mexico City
1887 Porfirio Diaz protects the Nacimiento land grant spacer
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