Rebellion Colonial events: 1565 - 1813     
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Date Event Trail Link
1565 Spain Founds St. Augustine spacer
1586 Drake leaves 88 free blacks at Roanoke
1588 Defeat of Spanish Armada spacer
1608 Angolan slave leads rebellion of cimarrons in Mexico spacer
1655-6 Spain allies with Jamaican maroons against the British
1670s British colonize the Carolinas spacer
1674 British lead slave raids on Spanish missions spacer
1693 Spanish Florida offers freedom to British slaves
1713 Spain invites Lower Creeks to Florida spacer
1714-16 Yamassee War takes place in Carolinas spacer
1716-63 Carolinians complain of losing slaves to Spanish spacer
1716-31 African slave trade booms in Carolinas spacer
1728 British attack St. Augustine spacer
1728 British enlist Creeks and Cherokees to recover slaves spacer
1730s Increasing number of Carolina slaves seek refuge in Florida spacer
1732 Oglethorpe founds Georgia
1736 Black defenders of St. Augustine join organized militia
1738 Spanish establish Mose on outskirts of St. Augustine
1739 Jamaica grants freedom to maroon warriors spacer
1739-42 War of Jenkin's Ear sends British forces into Florida
1744-48 King George's War exacerbates Florida conflicts spacer
1763 Spain cedes Florida to Britain spacer
1765-71 British agents first meet "Seminolies"
1775 England welcomes runaway slaves from America
1776-83 Seminoles steal slaves from British plantations spacer
1781-84 British Florida plagued by slave rebellions spacer
1783 Britain returns Florida to Spain spacer
1784 British evacuate Florida, leave many black refugees
1795 Treaty of San Lorenzo ends Spanish edicts of freedom spacer
1811 Congress authorizes covert action to seize Florida
1812-13 Patriot War
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