Rebellion African Americans: 1586 - 1863     
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Date Event Trail Link
1586 Drake leaves 88 free blacks at Roanoke Link to trail
1608 Angolan slave leads rebellion of cimarrons in Mexico spacer
1655-6 Spain uses Jamaican maroons against British Link to trail
1693 Spanish Florida offers freedom to British slaves Link to trail
1712 New York City slave revolt leads to mass reprisals spacer
1714-16 Yamassee War takes place in Carolinas spacer
1716 Carolinians complain of losing slaves to Spanish Link to trail
1716-31 African slave trade booms in Carolinas spacer
1725 Fugitive blacks found living with Creeks in Florida spacer
1728 British attack St. Augustine spacer
1728 British enlist Creeks and Cherokees to recover slaves spacer
1730s Spanish give refuge to slaves from Carolinas Link to trail
1732 Oglethorpe founds Georgia Link to trail
1736 Black defenders of St. Augustine join organized militia spacer
1738 Spanish establish Mose on outskirts of St. Augustine Link to trail
1739 Jamaica grants freedom to maroon warriors spacer
1739 Stono rebellion takes place south of Charleston spacer
1739-42 War of Jenkin's Ear sends British forces into Florida Link to trail
1741 Fears of New York slave rebellion lead to mass reprisals spacer
1781-84 British Florida plagued by slave rebellions spacer
1784 British evacuate Florida, leave many black refugees spacer
1791-1804 Haitian uprising leads to first black republic spacer
1793 Invention of cotton gin transforms Southern economy spacer
1800 Conspiracy of Gabriel Prosser occurs in Richmond, Virginia spacer
1807 British slave trade abolished spacer
1808 U.S. bans foreign slave trade spacer
1811 Deslondes slave revolt takes place in Louisiana spacer
1820 Missouri Compromise balances antislavery and slavery states spacer
1822 Conspiracy of Denmark Vesey fails in Charleston spacer
1827 Florida makes aiding slave-escapes punishable by death spacer
1829 Mexico outlaws slavery Link to trail
1831 Nat Turner rebellion terrorizes Virginia spacer
1833 British emancipate slaves across colonial empire spacer
1835-36 Black Seminole slave rebellion peaks in Florida Link to trail
1844 Congress repeals "gag rule" Link to trail
1850 Congress passes Compromise of 1850 & Fugitive Slave Act spacer
1851-59 Texas slavers try to capture Black Seminoles in Mexico spacer
1857 U.S. Supreme Court denies freedom for Dred Scott spacer
1861 Seminoles of Oklahoma work with Confederacy spacer
1861 Gen. Fremont frees Southern slaves in Northern lines
1862 Abolitionists make case for emancipation under war power
1862 Southern contrabands force issue of wartime emancipation
1863 Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation
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