Rebellion U.S. events: 1787 - 1914     
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Date Event Trail Link
1787 Continental Congress tries to recover Florida slaves spacer
1790 Treaty of New York signed with Creeks
1795 Treaty of San Lorenzo ends Spanish edicts of freedom spacer
1811 Congress authorizes covert action to seize Florida
1812-13 Patriot War
1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend spacer
1816 U.S. blows up Negro Fort
1817 1st Seminole War officially begins
1820 Missouri Compromise balances antislavery and slavery states spacer
1823 Treaty of Moultrie Creek
1827 Florida makes aiding slave-escapes punishable by death spacer
1829 Andrew Jackson becomes President
1830 Indian Removal Act passes
1832 Treaty of Payne's Landing initiates removal crisis in Florida
1832 South Carolina forces "Nullification Crisis" spacer
1835 2nd Seminole War begins
1837 Jesup captures Osceola under white flag
1840 Zachary Taylor uses bloodhounds on Seminoles
1841 Joshua Giddings uses war to test "gag rule"
1842 2nd Seminole War ends spacer
1844 Congress repeals "gag rule" spacer
1848 U.S. "returns" Black Seminoles to slavery
1850 Congress passes Compromise of 1850 & Fugitive Slave Act spacer
1851-59 Texas slavers try to capture Black Seminoles in Mexico spacer
1855 Third Seminole War takes place in Florida spacer
1857 U.S. Supreme Court denies freedom for Dred Scott spacer
1858 Giddings publishes antislavery history, The Exiles of Florida spacer
1861 Gen. Fremont frees Southern slaves in Northern lines spacer
1862 Abolitionists make case for emancipation under war power spacer
1863 Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation spacer
1865 With end of US Civil War, slave raids into Mexico cease spacer
1870 Army musters Seminole Negro Indian Scouts in Texas spacer
1873-81 Scouts help pacify West Texas frontier spacer
1881 Scouts lead last major Indian raid in Texas history spacer
1909 US Army phases out Scouts spacer
1914 Last Scouts disbanded, families forced from Fort Clark spacer
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