Rebellion War: 1832 - 1838     
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Image Outline for War: 1832 - 1838

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Gates of old St. Augustine, 1861-65 Bastions of Fort Marion, 1861-65 Sally port of Fort Marion, 1861-65 Court, Fort Marion, 1912
Yaholoochee or Cloud, 1838 Coacoochee, 1848, Sidetrack Engraving types, 1831 Contrabands sketch, 1864 Postcard, Cell at Fort Marion, ca 1900
Fort Marion, day for night, digital rendering Sam Jones' village, 1841 John Ross, 1843 (1858) Zachary Taylor, 1844-49 Seminole village, Everglades, nd
Battle of Okee-Chobee Lake, Florida, 1847 Indian prairie, 1922 Battle of Lake Okeechobee, 19th century Death mask of Osceola, nd Osceola by Catlin, 1838
Osceola's grave site, ca 1900 Osceola by Curtis, 1838, 1st Sidetrack Osceola by Curtis, 1838, 2nd Sidetrack Detail, Vivouack in safety, 1840 Jupiter Inlet, ca 1890
Senior officers of the Second Seminole war Detail, Officer's tent, 1837, Sidetrack Seminole woman and child, ca 1910 Detail, Secretary of War presenting colours, 1840 Black Seminole warrior, digital treatment
Emancipation Proclamation, 1863 John Quincy Adams, 1834-40 General Jesup, nd Aerial view, Big Cypress Swamp, 1923 Abraham, 1848
Coacoochee, 1848-58 John Horse, 1848 John Horse's major actions during war, 2001 Col. William Gates, 1844-60 Holata Mico or Billy Bowlegs, 1852
Andrew Jackson, 1844-45 Sorrows of the Seminoles, 19th century
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