Rebellion War: 1832 - 1838     
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Image Outline for War: 1832 - 1838

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Jesup & Jackson Detail, Massacre of the Whites, Sidetrack Gen. Thomas Sydney Jesup, nd Reconnaissance map, 1838-41 Troops fording Lake Ocklahawa, 1837
Everglades marsh, 1942 Seminole village, ca 1900 Death of Waxe-Hadjo, 1848-58 Six Seminole chiefs, 1838-52 Seminole woman and child, ca 1905
Ben Bruno, Negro interpreter, 1858 Burning of Pilak-li-ka-ha, 1837 Abraham, 1848 Detail, Officer's tent, 1837 Gen. Jesup, Sidetrack
Fort Harlee, 1837 Gen. Thomas Sydney Jesup, nd Articles of Capitulation, digital rendering Face of Joshua Reed Giddings, 1844-60 Lt. Sprague's record of Capitulation, 1848
Slave market, St. Augustine, 1902-6 Tampa Bay on the Gulf of Mexico, 1837 Seminoles on exhibition, 1936 Detail, Horse, Picolata, 1837 Slaves on South Carolina plantation, 1862
Coa Hadjo, 1838 Osceola, romantic depiction, 19th century Fort Brooke, Tampa Bay, ca 1900 Seminole camp, 1895 Detail, Hunting Indians with bloodhounds, 1848
Hunting Indians with bloodhounds, Sidetrack Gen. Jesup, Sidetrack Northern Indians, 1836-38 Waa-Pa-Shaw, 1836 Abraham, 1848
King Phillip, 1838 Coacoochee or Wild Cat, 1848-58 Osceola, Coacoochee, John Horse, 1838-48 White cloth, digital rendering Gen. Joseph Hernandez, nd
Arrest of Osceola, nd Monument, Osceola's capture, nd Hon. Henry Wise, 1855 Osceola, Sidetrack Gen. Jesup, Sidetrack
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