Rebellion 1812 - 1832     
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World at Birth World at Birth
1812: John Horse is born into a region of freedom and turmoil. (18 story panels)
Encroaching America Encroaching America
1812-1821: American slaveholders look south, led by Andrew Jackson. (34 story panels)
A New Country A New Country
1821-1834: The Spanish frontier -- and an era of freedom -- come to a close. (19 story panels)
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Early Years: 1812 - 1832

The early years of John Horse chart the emergence of the Black Seminoles and the escalation of their conflict with the United States. Resisting American slavery, the maroons formed a fascinating partnership with Seminole Indians, adopting aspects of Indian culture and fusing it with African traditions. Life in Florida was far from idyllic, but in comparison with Southern-style slavery, it was a form of paradise. From the year of John Horse's birth, however, paradise was under threat as American slaveholders looked south with anger. The Americans were led by the most powerful man of their era, General Andrew Jackson.

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Part 1, Early Years: Outline  l  Images
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 Trail Narrative
 + Prologue
 + Background: 1693-1812
 - Early Years: 1812-1832
+ World at Birth
+ Encroaching America
+ A New Country
 + War: 1832 -1838
 + Exile: 1838-1850
 + Freedom: 1850-1882
 + Legacy & Conclusion

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