Rebellion Early Years: 1812 - 1832     
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Image Outline for Early Years: 1812 - 1832

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Ad for slave auction, 1840 Stowage of slave ship Brookes, 1788 A view of the Capitol of Washington, ca 1800 James Madison & James Monroe, 1816-30 Detail, Amelia Island, 1778
Plan of Fort Picolata on St. Johns River, nd El Castillo de San Marcos, early 19th century Jackson at New Orleans, ca 1856 Jackson, after Vanderlyn, nd Jackson and Tennessee volunteers, 1834-45
The Hermitage, Nashville, nd The Lash, 1863, Sidetrack Africans on slave bark, 1862, Sidetrack Mouth of Appalachicola River, 1821 Plan of Fort Gadsden & Negro Fort, 1818
View from Prospect Bluff, 2001 Earthwork ruins, Negro Fort, 1950  Plan of Fort Gadsden & Negro Fort, Sidetrack William McIntosh, Creek leader, 1825 (1858) Gen. Edmund Gaines, 1840s
Duncan Clinch as young officer, nd Apalachicola River en route to Negro Fort  Negro Fort explosion, 2000 Clinch, 1st Sidetrack Negro Fort explosion, 2nd Sidetrack
Joshua Reed Giddings, 1844-60, 3rd Sidetrack Suwannee River, 1925 Rescue of Duncan McKrimmon, nd Gen. Jackson reviews troops, 1860 Detail, Black Seminole, nd, Sidetrack
Indian & Negro towns on Suwannee, 1818 Gen. Jackson's conduct in Seminole war, 1828 Jackson triumphant at Pensacola, 1859 Detail, Little Magician Invoked, 1844 Detail, Black Seminole & Seminole Indian, nd
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