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Academic journal articles available online:

Access to most of these journals articles is freely available, but some require special permission to the online archive, Journal Storage (which is free at many universities). For details see the notes on journal access below the table.

Abbreviations: FHQ = Florida Historical Quarterly, JNH = Journal of Negro History, JSH = Journal of Southern History.

Date Title Journal
1997 “’The Indispensable Man’: John Horse and Florida’s Second Seminole War”
Vol. 18. Journal of the Georgia Association of Historians 18 (1997): 1-23. Account of heralded stature of John Horse and other Black Seminole scouts during the later phases of the Second Seminole War.
1995 The Florida Crisis of 1826-27 and the Second Seminole War
Vol. 73, No. 4. Fascinating article by Canter Brown connecting the dots between American aggression toward the Seminole allies in 1826-27 and Seminole revenge in 1835-36.
1995 Race Relations in Territorial Florida, 1821-1845
Vol. 73, No. 3. Another interesting article by Canter Brown, this time challenging some paradigms of Southern history while painting a portrait of Florida's complex race relations around the period of the Black Seminoles.
1992 John Horse: Forgotten African-American Leader of the Second Seminole War
Vol. 77, No. 2. Philip Thomas Tucker article reprising John Horse's accomplishments and contrasting him with Davy Crockett.
1972 Fugitive Slaves in Mexico
Vol. 57, No. 1. Pioneering article by Ronnie C. Tyler that recovered the lost history of the Southwest's version of the Underground Railroad.
1964 Negroes and the Seminole War, 1835-1842 
Vol. 30, No. 4. Porter collects the known facts to that time, in advance of writing his larger history.
1963 The Fight Against the Gag Rule
Vol. 48, No. 3. Article by James M. McPherson describing the fight over censorship within the Whig Party from 1839-1842.
1956 Negroes and Indians on the Texas Frontier: 1831-1876 
Vol. 41, No. 4. Another groundbreaking article from Kenneth W. Porter.
1955 Osceola Issue
Vol. 33, No. 3/4. Double issue with many relevant articles, including "Osceola and the Negroes," by Kenneth W. Porter, "Asi-Yaholo or Osceola," by Mark Boyd, "The White Flag" and "Osceola and the Charlestonians."
1954 Cuban Bloodhounds and the Seminoles
Vol. 33, No. 2. Article by James Covington on this unfortunate chapter in the Second Seminole War.
1951 Second Seminole War Issue
Vol. 30, No. 1. Complete issue by Mark Boyd dedicated to the Second Seminole War. Even after 50 years this overview offers the best account of many episodes, such as the destruction of the St. Johns sugar plantations.
1950 Negro Guides and Interpreters in the ... Seminole War 
Vol. 35, No. 2. One of Porter's detailed examinations of an early chapter in Black Seminole history.
1947 The Episode of Osceola's Wife: Fact or Fiction?
Vol. 26, No. 1. Article by Kenneth W. Porter exploring the background of the abolitionist legend. Note: Article is not listed separately in the Table of Contents, but can be located via a text search of the issue online.
1946 The Negro Abraham
Vol. 25, No. 1. Brief profile of Abraham by Kenneth W. Porter.
1945 Notes on Seminole Negroes in the Bahamas
Vol. 24, No. 1. Notes from Kenneth W. Porter, based on a first-hand report from Alan Lomax.
1945 The Seminole Negroes of Andros Island, Bahamas
Vol. 24, No. 3. Brief article by John M. Goggin which corroborates Porter's notes on the same topic.
1944 Seminole Flight from Fort Marion
Vol. 22, No. 3. Article by Kenneth W. Porter reviewing the known facts of the escape and speculating on unresolved mysteries.
1943 Louis Pacheco: The Man and the Myth 
Vol. 28, No. 1. From Porter's article "Three Fighters for Freedom." See pages 65-72.

Access Notes

The Florida Historical Quarterly Online - Available to all
All articles of the Florida Historical Quarterly are available for free online as PDFs. Each link goes to the main page for the online archive of the journal. From their, do a keyword search or browse the collection to go to the specific issue.

The Journal of Negro History - Permission required 
The links above go directly to the specified articles, but you can only access them if you have a personal or university affiliation with Journal Storage online ( If you want access but do not have it, go to Journal Storage and follow their instructions.

The Journal of Southern History - Permission required
The links above go directly to the specified articles, but you can only access them if you have a personal or university affiliation with Journal Storage online ( If you want access but do not have it, go to Journal Storage and follow their instructions. 

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