Rebellion 1837     
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5Osceola drawing circa 1837
Sketch of Osceola by Henrietta Weedon. The sketch is believed to be Weedon's copy of the sketch by army topographer John Rogers Vinton, made around May of 1837. Vinton's was one of the few images from life of Osceola, and it was the source for many later images.

The plaited braid above the sketch may be a lock of Osceola's hair. Henrietta Weedon's father, Dr. Frederick Weedon, was the attending physician at Osceola's death, and he appropriated a series of artifacts upon the chief's passing, including the reputed hair specimen. A family member affixed the lock to the drawing at a later date, though conservators have long since removed it. See Wickman for more details. Florida Photographic Collection.